NASIMCO_Logo-cropped2 NASIMCO, partenaire du HCR, a fait un don généreux pour soutenir l’aide d’urgence que fournit le HCR aux réfugiés syriens et aux personnes déplacées aux Philippines. Depuis sa création en 1980, l’organisation musulmane collectivités NASIMCO a œuvré à fournir une structure et un cadre communs pour répondre aux besoins religieux, culturels et sociaux à ses communautés membres. Dans son domaine d’opération, NASIMCO encourage et favorise les communautés à aider au soulagement de la souffrance humaine dans le monde. La mission de NASIMCO est d’exploiter les talents et les ressources disponibles au sein de ses communautés membres pour le plus grand bien du plus grand nombre.


Philippines / IDPs line up in a water source at the Grandstand. Every day, IDPs collect water in this site despite the long queue. Unfortunately, often the water does not arrive, and now that there is a drought, access to water is uncertain. / UNHCR / Kent Truog / February 2015


Philippines / UNHCR staff facilitating supporting IDPs to register the boats of the fishermfolk in Buggoc Transitory Site in Zamboanga City. UNHCR supports the recovery efforts of the government and promotes self-reliance activities of the affected population. / UNHCR / Kent Truog / February 2015

Greece. Thousands of refugees mainly from Iraq and Syria are stranded at the village of Idomeni near the Greek - FYR of Macedonia border

Women and children wait in line for food at the Idomeni border crossing on the Greek - FYR of Macedonia border. With more than 24,000 refugees stranded in Greece and resources stretched thin, long queues that can stretch for hundreds of meters in order to get a sandwich, are a daily occurrence at the Idomeni border station. Those who are most affected by this are young children who according to UNHCR account for 36% of the refugees arriving to Europe in 2016. Many of them are unaccompanied or have been separated from their parents. ; More than 24,000 refugees are trapped in Greece as the Western Balkan route to Northern Europe mostly shuts down. The FYR of Macedonia border crossing is now only open to a few hundred Syrians and Iraqis per day, creating a backlog at the unofficial border crossing of Idomeni as well as the port of Piraeus in Athens. Only those with passports or official ID cards may cross. Afghans are barred completely. It's the latest in a series of restrictions imposed by Austria and a group of Western Balkan countries over the past few months aimed at stemming the migrant flows toward Germany, the destination of choice for most people. Text: Tania Karas/UNHCR

Greece. Thousands of refugees, mainly from Iraq and Syria, are caught in a vortex of uncertainty as the Western Balkan route to Northern Europe shuts down

Text: Tania Karas/UNHCR


Le soutien qu’offre NASIMCO au HCR signifie qu’un plus grand nombre de personnes déplacées, dont plusieurs ont parcouru de longues distances en quête de sécurité, recevront de l’aide d’urgence, un abri, des médicaments et des soins médicaux urgents. À l’approche de l’hiver, cette aide est cruciale; particulièrement pour les réfugiés en quête de sécurité dans les climats froids. Ces derniers auront besoin de trousses de survie incluant des couvertures thermiques, des sacs de couchage et du chauffage.