The backs of women and children holding hands as they drag their suitcase behind them.

Families carry their belongings through the Zosin border crossing in Poland after fleeing Ukraine. © UNHCR/Chris Melzer

Are you looking for ways to help with the emergency response in Ukraine, but not sure what you can do? We are seeing a mounting refugee and humanitarian crisis as hundreds of thousands of people flee Ukraine and are in urgent need of shelter and support. Here are five ways you can help Ukraine:

1) Stay Informed About the Situation in Ukraine

With breaking news on every TV news channel and updates on various social media platforms, there are a lot of options for how you get information on the crisis in Ukraine. Staying informed and aware of a distant situation can be difficult when many internet and online sources can be questionable.

You can help Ukraine by following reputable news sources and organizations for the latest information on the crisis. Visit websites of reputable aid agencies and nonprofits that are assisting with humanitarian efforts in the region for the latest information and updates. They will have clear facts from the ground level on what’s happening and how you can help Ukraine.

Up to date information on UNHCR’s work in the region can be found on our data portal and you can follow the latest developments on Twitter.

2) Share UNHCR’s Help Website

There are many Canadians with family, friends and colleagues in Ukraine who know people in need of immediate help. If you know someone who is fleeing or trying to flee the conflict in Ukraine, please direct them to We have many resources, in a variety of languages that are frequently being updated. This website can provide information on how to apply for asylum in another country, how to navigate caring for children during these difficult times, and ways to find emergency assistance such as emergency shelter and food.

Women with bags walking towards the Ukraine boarder

People fleeing Ukraine enter Poland at the Medyka border crossing. Besides the efforts of national authorities and humanitarian agencies, Polish citizens and local organizations have come out in force to support the new arrivals. ; Russia launched its military offensive in Ukraine on 24 February 2022. By 27 February, hundreds of thousands of people had fled Ukraine into neighbouring countries. The largest numbers headed west into Poland, with others making for Hungary, Moldova, Romania and beyond.

3) Donate to Support Humanitarian Efforts

If you are able to give, please consider making a donation to UNHCR. Our team is working around the clock on the ground in Ukraine and in neighboring countries where we are seeing significant numbers of people in need. We are working to provide humanitarian aid such as emergency shelter, cash assistance and blankets to those in need, as well as facilitating registration for those crossing borders, and are working to provide services for vulnerable populations such as children. You can make a donation to UNHCR here.




Nonprofits and agencies from around the world are coming together to help people affected by the crisis in Ukraine. UNHCR is on the ground and working with local agencies to provide support in Ukraine and surrounding regions.

You can also donate stocks or if you are a corporation, consider a gift-in-kind or an employee giving campaign. Please contact with any enquiries you may have.

4) Start a Fundraiser

Start a personal fundraising page with your family, friends, workplace, school or community organization. Set a goal and share the link with friends and family members and ask them to donate to your personal fundraiser. Host a bake sale, sell something you’ve made, donate a portion of your sales at your workplace, walk with your neighbors and donate the proceeds to UNHCR. Make a difference by fundraising and raising awareness at the same time.

5) Share on Social Media

Please take a moment to share this post across your social channels to raise awareness for the situation and help your friends and family learn more on how they can take action today.

If you know anyone who is fleeing or trying to flee Ukraine, please share UNHCR’s Help Portal with them.

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