Ongoing Support

UNHCR aims to improve the quality of life of all people in its care, including those displaced long-term.

Photo: ©UNHCR/Sara Aliaga

UNHCR does more than just respond to emergency situations. We also provide ongoing care for those who are displaced to help improve their quality of life. Learn more about our ongoing support programs below.


To ensure their rights and protection, UNHCR is working with national authorities, international and local organizations, and other partners to assist, protect and find solutions for unaccompanied and separated children. 


UNHCR partners with governments and international organizations to ensure quality education for refugee children and young people everywhere.  

Emergency Relief

We ensure refugees have what they need to survive—shelter, medical care, food, water and special protection and care for vulnerable children and women, including prevention and response to sexual violence. 


UNHCR strives to ensure that all refugees can access life-saving and essential healthcare, including HIV prevention, protection and treatment. 

Livelihood and Rebuilding Lives

UNHCR Canada invests in creating opportunities and finding lasting solutions for the people we assist, from providing learning programs to scholarships. 


Millions of families arrive in refugee camps with only the clothes on their backs. UNHCR has the reach and expertise to tackle the crisis and shelter millions of families. 

Women and Girls

At UNHCR, we work hard to ease women and girls’ struggles, ensuring safe shelters that offer privacy, assistance with construction or maintenance, fair food distribution systems and separate sanitation facilities. 


LGBTI Refugees

At UNHCR, we work to protect LGBTI refugees and asylum-seekers everywhere. 

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