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Show your support for refugees and displaced communities using these teaching tools from UNHCR, which focus on concepts of diversity, respect, understanding and tolerance.

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There are so many ways to help refugees. Whether you are a teacher educating a classroom about the refugee crisis, or someone who wants to make a difference in your community, these resources and activities for teaching about refugees from UNHCR Canada are here to help.

Our educational resources bring awareness to the notion of difference and the importance of welcoming new people. Teaching children about the plight of others empowers them to become global citizens and contribute to a brighter future for all. To learn more, subscribe to UNHCR’s mailing list.

Classroom Resources

Publications By Topic

Looking for reliable information about refugee issues and refugees and asylum seekers in Canada? Check out our publications page to access information on the resettlement process, up-to-date statistics, and more.

Interactive Experiences

Do you know what it is like to be a refugee? Find out by playing our Children on the Run interactive experience. In this interactive digital experience, you will meet Luis and Clara, two children on the run. Follow their journey as they flee gang violence in search of safety and security. How will you react to the tough decisions refugee children are forced to make every day?

UNHCR Canada also has a border crossing quiz, which you can test your knowledge and learn facts about people seeking asylum in Canada. Take the quiz now.

Hold a Fundraiser

Fundraising for UNHCR is a fun and rewarding way to get your friends, family and community to make a difference in the lives of refugees and displaced people worldwide. Not only will you be raising crucial funds, you’ll also be raising awareness for one of the biggest humanitarian issues of our time.

Getting your class, school or university involved with UNHCR is a great way of making a huge impact both in your community, and in the lives of refugees. If you’re a teacher, parent, guardian or caregiver, special events hosted by schools happen all the time – here’s your chance to encourage your community to start advocating for refugees. If you’re a university student, add your voice to the millions of UNHCR supporters and gain support from your peers across campus. You could host annual refugee-themed galas or have coffee stands near study areas!

You can fundraise for UNHCR Canada by hosting a fundraiser at your school, having a bake sale, hosting a charity birthday party on ECHOage, or setting up a virtual fundraiser with a dedicated crowdfunding page.

#UNHCROnMission: Free Webinar Series

Throughout 2021, UNHCR Canada is hosting virtual missions to country operations where UNHCR is providing lifesaving aid. These free virtual webinars focus on the ongoing displacement crises in Syria, Yemen and more. Learn about #UNHCROnMission now.

Educational Videos

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, creates explainer videos to talk about complex topics, including the refugee crisis. Watch our educational videos in our YouTube playlist.

Are you looking for help? If you are an asylum seeker looking for resources for you, please visit our Resources for Asylum Seekers page. You will find helpful resources to help you navigate the Canadian asylum system – from learning more about who can get refugee protection in Canada to finding out what happens when you claim asylum at the border.

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