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With 100 million displaced people around the world, there are so many stories to tell. Here, find documentaries, books, and more stories from UNHCR.


50th Anniversary of the Expulsion of the South Asian Community in Uganda

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the expulsion decree and their arrival in Canada, UNHCR has put together a collection of stories across generations from families who fled Uganda and those who supported Canada’s involvement.

These are their stories of courage, resilience and contributions to their new found home.

From the Heart: A Family’s Story in Times of Displacement

In “From the Heart: A Family’s Story in Times of Displacement,” a new podcast by UNHCR Canada, we meet one Venezuelan family separated by borders. The mother who left Venezuela for Ecuador, to safely give birth to her third daughter. The grandmother who stayed in Venezuela. The grandson and nephew who started all over again in Colombia, working while trying to find a new sense of home. Meet Daisy, Haydee, and Sleiker. As we follow them in their day-to-day lives, we show the people behind the Venezuelan exodus to understand what they have faced on their perilous journeys while trying to reach safety. We also explore what it means to leave everything behind, longing for home and finding hope again.

Diversity and Inclusion

In this series of stories, Black refugees share how racial inequality has shaped them as individuals and how they strive to be successful about overcoming systemic racism in their communities and workplaces in Canada. Read the stories of Manock Lual, a former refugee from South Sudan and now an entrepreneur and basketball coach in Ottawa, Louise Simbandumwe, a career community development practitioner and advocate for human rights and social justice, and Ali Abukar, the Chief Executive Officer of Saskatoon Open Door Society (SODS), a charitable organization that helps refugees and newcomers integrate in Saskatoon.

A Book of Poems: Expressions from our Youth

In 2009, UNHCR Canada and COSTI Immigrant Services organized the first Refugees and Human Rights Child and Youth Poetry Contest in commemoration of World Refugee Day, June 20. The purpose of the contest has been to bring human rights education, particularly awareness to the refugee situation, to the Canadian classroom. By asking youth to write poetry about refugees and human rights acts as a tool to encourage Canada’s future to think as humanitarian and compassionate leaders towards their brothers and sisters living worldwide. Read the Book of Poems.

Between Lives

Meet Abdul, Farida and their children – one of the families you are helping to support – as they settle into Za’atari Camp, Jordan after fleeing conflict in Syria.

In the first episode out of seven, UNHCR Community Services Officer, Ihab Shaban, explains how the registration process is the first and most important step in helping refugees. This is the documentary series, Between Lives.

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