Thousands are in extreme danger

Rohingya refugees are in life-threatening danger of landslides and flooding.

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in the North of Central America

Emergency Response

Rohingya refugees are facing monsoonal rains and flooding.


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The world is experiencing unprecedented levels of displaced people—the highest since World War II. Partner with us today.

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is a lifeline for people displaced by violence, conflict and persecution—helping them survive, recover and build a better future.

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over 55.3 million core aid items delivered to displaced people in 2017

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UNHCR provides essential services to refugees in 130 countries, in 478 locations


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million men, women and children displaced by violence, conflict and prosecution worldwide

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New Initiative to Sponsor 100 Syrian BVOR Refugees

An additional 100 Syrian refugees will be resettled in Canada under the BVOR program before the end of this year, under a new initiative to be announced today by Jean-Nicolas Beuze of UNHCR, the UN refugee agency.

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