A humanitarian catastrophe is unfolding in Yemen

22.2 Million people in Yemen are in need of humanitarian assistance

Children in Yemen need your emergency support today! 

Unique and meaningful gifts for your loved ones

Unique gifts that change lives and spread hope!

Your gift today can save lives this winter

Help bring life-saving warmth to refugee families this winter

1 in 4 Syrian refugees in the Middle East are in dire need of winter assistance

Children-on-the-Run Virtual Experience

How would you react to the tough decisions refugee #children are forced to make? 

Take a walk in the shoes of children on the run.



Show refugees like Ella you care

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is a lifeline for people displaced by violence, conflict and persecution—helping them survive, recover and build a better future.

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over 211 million core aid items delivered to displaced people in 2016

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UNHCR provides essential services to refugees in 130 countries, in 470 locations


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million men, women and children displaced by violence, conflict and prosecution worldwide

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