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UNHCR is the world’s pre-eminent refugee organization helping and protecting people displaced by violence, conflict and persecution. We rely on the generosity, talent and commitment of our many private and public-sector partners to help us fulfill our obligation to millions of refugees, stateless and internally displaced people around the world. With our partners, we address the unique and often complex needs of individuals whose goal is often to simply return home in peace.

UNHCR Canada partners with governments, NGOs, corporations, foundations, individuals and refugee communities to offer protection, food, shelter and other life-saving essentials. Other partners join with us to work on long-term solutions and advocate with us for better futures for refugees. We offer a range of partnership opportunities, such as corporate donations, cause-related campaigns, matching gift programs and more.

We are the Leader on a Critical Global Issue

UNHCR is the world’s leading organization dedicated to working on one of the most urgent issues of our time—saving and protecting people, whose lives have been turned upside down by crisis and conflict.

From delivering safety and protection, to water, shelter and other basic necessities of life, UNHCR is often the first to arrive and the last to leave in an emergency situation. We work on the ground in 133 countries.

The UN Refugee Agency itself is also a two-time winner of the Nobel Peace Prize for providing protection and emergency assistance to millions of refugees.

Globally, one in every 95 humans is now displaced from their home

At least 11.2 million people became newly displaced in 2020

We Change Lives on a Grand Scale

UNHCR began with a three-year mandate to help the estimated 40 million people uprooted in the aftermath of the Second World War. Now, 70 years later, 82.4 million people need our help. First, we provide protection, life-saving emergency help, such as water, healthcare and other forms of relief aid―notably, shelter materials and heating supplies. Then, in many cases, we also offer trauma counselling and education programs. We are also involved in local integration or reintegration initiatives, including projects to help refugees acquire skills for employment, begin businesses or re-start their careers.

We Build Shared Visions

All UNHCR partners, both private and public, recognize that we live in an inter-connected world. We are affected by events that may not occur inside our borders, but within our shared humanity.

Our approach to partnerships recognizes that we must build a shared vision with our partners, complementing each other’s strengths to ensure maximum impact in helping displaced people survive, recover and build a better future.

Partners have a wide range of opportunities to make a lasting impact on lives shattered by crises and conflict. We are dedicated to recognizing our partners’ efforts―and our organization is founded on principles of transparency, accountability, measurement and evaluation of outcomes.

42% of the world’s refugees are children

Want to make a global impact?

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