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Photo: © UNHCR/Vincent Tremeau

From documentaries to short clips, UNHCR produces videos that detail the lives of refugees and UNHCR staff members around the world.


The documentary series Between Lives details the process of refugees when the flee their home and seek safety.

Meet Abdul, Farida and their children – one of the families you are helping to support – as they settle into Za’atari Camp, Jordan after fleeing conflict in Syria. In the first episode of seven, UNHCR Community Services Officer, Ihab Shaban, explains how the registration process is the first and most important step in helping refugees.

UNHCR Canada has produced a speaker series, REF Talks Canada, featuring prominent refugees or those refugees who have made a large contribution to Canada.

As first of its kind, this speaker series hopes to connect people with personal stories of refugees and celebrate together their success, contributions, and accomplishments in their host country. It celebrates the resilience of refugees, captures the humanitarian spirit of Can­adians, and gives us a chance to engage deeply with refugee experiences.

UNHCR believes that the personal stories of refugees are influential sources of knowledge, motivation, and insight—tools to teach valuable lessons and open up wider discussions. Hence, this series will be video recorded and shared on the UNHCR Canada website and social media; some events will be live-streamed. The intention is to keep these videos in a museum on human rights.

Through this speaker series, UNHCR and its partners wish to raise awareness of the positive contributions made by refugees to host countries, to create mentorship and to initiate a network of refugees and society at large.

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