Gifts of Stocks and Securities

You can donate stocks and other securities to help refugees, all while taking advantage of tax benefits.  

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Making a gift of publicly traded securities to UNHCR today—or in the future in your Will — offers you the chance to support refugees in need, while being more tax-advantageous for you. In fact, gifts of securities may be the most cost-effective way of giving.

Gifts of securities can include stocks, bonds, mutual funds and certificates of deposits.

How does it work?

Simply transfer the securities to UNHCR, and a donation receipt is issued to you for the fair market value. By donating securities, the tax on the capital gains is eliminated.
The fair market value of the donated securities is dependent on the market closing price on the date of transfer.

Charitable Registration Number:
UN Refugee Agency is a qualified donee, as defined by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Although we do not have a charitable registration number, UNHCR can issue tax receipts for donations received.

Benefits of giving Stocks and Securities

You’ll receive a charitable tax receipt for the fully appreciated value of the donation and will not pay any capital gains tax. The charitable tax receipt will be for the fair market value of your donation based on the closing day of the transfer.   

Through your gift of securities, you can amplify your giving and make a lasting impact on the lives of people who have been forced to flee.  

You can also donate stocks through your will and receive tax savings for your estate, allowing more of your assets to go to your beneficiaries.

How to transfer securities to UNHCR

UNHCR Canada encourages all donors to consider consulting a professional financial advisor when considering a gift of securities to UNHCR Canada.


Contact us

For more information on how your gift can make a significant difference for the future of refugees and forcibly displaced people around the world, please contact Kudzai Riva, Director of Planned Giving at UNHCR Canada, at

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