Gifts of Stocks and Securities

If you’re looking to donate stock options or shares of stock to a charity, look no further.  

Photo: © UNHCR/Adrienne Surprenant

You can donate stocks and securities to help refugees, all while taking advantage of tax benefits. 

Gifts of marketable securities may be the most cost-effective way of giving in comparison to making a cash gift. Upon transfer to UNHCR, a donation receipt is issued to you for the fair market value. In respect to stocks and bonds, the fair market value of this type of securities is dependent on the closing price for when the gift has been received. 

Benefits of giving Stocks and Securities

You have an opportunity to make a significant gift to your favourite charity, with various options of the type of securities gift that works best for you. 

This is an uncomplicated option. You can simply endorse security certificates and forward them to UNHCR or authorize your broker to fill and send in the securities transfer form. 

You will receive a charitable tax receipt right away for the fair market value of your donation based on the closing day of the transfer. 

How to give UNHCR a gift of Stocks and Securities

For UNHCR Canada to remain cost-effective, UNHCR has acquired the services of Link Charity to facilitate the gift processing of UNHCR gifts of securities. Link Charity will ensure that your thoughtful generosity will be directed to your specific area of interest, albeit for refugees located in geographical areas of greatest need. 

Step one

Complete the attached Direct Transfer of Stock or Mutual Funds Form and send it to your broker, as well as Harry Houtman from Link Charity ( 

Step two

Complete the attached Distribution of Proceeds Letter of Direction Form and send to Harry Houtman from Link Charity ( 

Step three

Link Charity will liquidate your stocks at fair market value and notify UNHCR of your gift. 

Step four

Once your gift is processed, Link Charity will ensure you receive your tax receipt immediately.



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