A young Syrian refugee dressed as a pumpkin for Halloween

A young Syrian refugee dressed as a pumpkin for Halloween. © UNHCR/Annie Sakkab

Even though Halloween may look different this year as we practice following COVID-19 guidelines, the spirit is still very much alive.

UNHCR Canada wants everyone to enjoy the spirit of Halloween… even if they have to do it virtually. Here are some virtual Halloween activities for families from coast-to-coast!


For many refugee children, this is their first time experiencing Halloween in CanadaA holiday not traditional in some countries, Halloween is new territory for refugee families, like the Arafat family who fled Syria. When they celebrated their first Halloween in Canada in 2016, the family would exchange uncertain glances with each ring of the doorbell, still not quite sure what to do. Then, one of the older children would break the impasse, bound down the stairs and hand out candy. It wasn’t long before the youngest Arafat children were travelling from door to door with their neighbours, bags heavy with confectionary – their very first Halloween in Canada.

Halloween this year may look different for refugee and Canadian children. As communities follow COVID-19 guidelines to keep each other safe, traditional spooky activities, like trick-or-treating, aren’t possible. That’s why UNHCR Canada has put together some fun virtual activities (alternatives to trick-or-treating) to help refugee children experience Halloween in Canada.

Activity #1: Pick your Halloween Costume!

In this memory game, whichever costume you find first is your Halloween costume. What will you dress up as this year?

Activity #2: Go Trick-Or-Treating (Virtually!)

What tricks and treats do your neighbours have up their sleeve? Go trick-or-treating with us!

Activity #3: Learn more about Halloween in Canada

For newcomers to Canada, Halloween might seem a bit strange. Learn more about the tradition of Halloween in these virtual experiences! Hint: Click on something blue, green and red. Don’t be afraid to click everywhere!

Hint: Click where you would knock if you were trick-or-treating at this house! Look for a pumpkin, and click on a costume.

Activity #4: Word Search

Find some spooky words in our Word Search!

Activity #5: Take our Halloween Quiz!

Learn more about Halloween and refugees in Canada in our fun quiz.


Thank you for joining us for #UNHCRHalloween!

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