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Join UNHCR Canada for its first ever virtual mission in Jordan, home to over 600,000 Syrian refugees. © UNHCR

Learn, discover, connect and care with UNHCR On Mission: Syria.

The outbreak of war in Syria 10 years ago led to one of the largest displacement crises in recent history. More than 6.6 million people have fled Syria since 2011, seeking safety in Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan and beyond, with another six million displaced inside Syria. The ongoing crisis has devastated the lives of far too many individuals and families, with 1.1 million people in hard-to-reach locations needing assistance and some five million people with limited access to basic goods and services.

UNHCR and our partners continue to work tirelessly to provide critical humanitarian assistance such as shelter, safety, food, vocational training, education, and healthcare to those who have been impacted both inside and outside of Syria.


UNHCR On Mission is a free virtual event to learn about UNHCR’s operations in different areas of the world and how anyone can help provide much-needed relief to refugees.

On Thursday, March 25th, UNHCR Canada will be hosting the first-ever UNHCR On Mission with a focus on the Syrian crisis. This live, virtual event will include a visit to Jordan, a country hosting over 600,000 Syrian refugees, where participants will meet Um Ali and her children and visit a refugee camp. The mission will also include an interactive panel discussion where you will have the opportunity to ask questions on the Syrian crisis and hear stories from the field. Panelists include special guests Hamza Haq who stars as Syrian refugee Bash in CTV’s medical drama Transplant, Aya Wadi, a Syrian refugee and entrepreneur living in Canada, and Lilly Carlisle, a representative from UNHCR Jordan.

This event is now closed.

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