Rahaf, an internally displaced person, in Aden, Yemen. (Above Left) Rahaf and Ghaya, two friends doing their homework together, who dream of one day completing their education. (Above Right) A UNHCR field assistant in Aden, Yemen, visits with displaced people to assess their needs and check on the progress of the work on site. ©UNHCR/Bathoul Ahmed

How UNHCR is helping thousands struggling to survive in Yemen

After intense fighting broke out in her home city of Hodeidah, Rahaf and her family were forced to seek safety in Aden, in southern Yemen. After a difficult two-day journey spent on the road, her family found an abandoned, unfinished school where they sought shelter.

Before UNHCR’s emergency intervention on the ground, many families were living in the open air, in makeshift shelters made out of scrap materials, or in the unfinished school building. The location lacked basic necessities, including toilets and kitchens.

What UNHCR is doing

With your help, UNHCR was able to construct 75 shelters at the school, build 10 toilets and 37 kitchens. They also distributed sleeping mats and blankets to struggling families who received cash to buy food and basic necessities.

In-kind or cash assistance, which is provided to particularly vulnerable individuals, has been given to 1.2 million internally displaced persons (IDPs).

Please donate today to help children like Rahaf and Ghaya reach safety and rebuild their lives. Visit unhcr.ca/yemen

©UNHCR/Bathoul Ahmed


©UNHCR/Bathoul Ahmed

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