Violence in Central African Republic continues to flare and drive hundreds of thousands of terrified families from their homes. Here are 5 things to know.

1. How long has it been happening?

A history of military coups and rebellion in the Central African Republic (CAR) has caused a sustained economic crisis in the country and impacted negatively on the national institutions’ capacity to provide services and protection to the population. The current humanitarian emergency follows two years of political disputes, which have led to instability and widespread violence perpetrated by two opposing groups.

2. How many people have been affected?

Thousands have fled their homes from the ongoing brutal violence. Over 425,000 people are displaced inside their own country. But the numbers don’t stop there. The results of the conflict have bled into multiple surrounding countries.

Over 20,000 refugees are in the Republic of Congo

Over 68,000 refugees are in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Over 98,000 refugees are in Chad.

Over 240,000 refugees are in Cameroon

All together that is more then 850,000 people forced from their homes, their communities, their families and their country.

3. Who is impacted the most by this conflict?

Children. Over 50% of the refugees fleeing their homes and running for their lives are children. Many of the children are malnourished, out of school and worried for their futures.

4. What is UNHCR doing to help?

Inside the Central African Republic, UNHCR emergency staff oversee and coordinate the management of refugee camps, life-saving protection programs and the distribution of emergency supplies.

5. What can you do to help?

The situation in the Central African Republic is often forgotten among the media—but the numbers do not lie—this is a full-blown humanitarian crisis.  You can help by making an emergency donation to UNHCR to provide life-saving aid today. Give hope this holiday season to those struggling to survive in CAR.

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