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UNHCR on CTV News: Haiti Refugees Seek Asylum in Quebec

Jean-Nicolas Beuze Discusses Haiti Refugees Situation

UNHCR Canadian Representative Jean-Nicolas Beuze was interviewed by CTV News on Friday, to address the situation at the Lacolle border in Quebec where hundreds of asylum seeking Haitian refugees have been crossing the United States border into Canada. Refugees are concerned that the special immigration status given in the US will not be renewed by President Trump come October when the status is set to be reviewed. If denied, refugees would be forced to leave the United States by January 2018. Canada, specifically Quebec is known for their strong Haitian community.


Beuze addressed the processes that asylum seekers will have to go through for their refugee status to be determined by Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board, adding that 1 in every 2 Haitian asylum seekers in Canada in 2016 had their claims accepted. Beuze also noted that UNHCR is confident in the robust system implemented by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Canadian Border Services Agency and local service providers to ensure that people arriving across the border are quickly welcomed, sheltered and treated for any medical needs. Find out exactly what UNHCR does to help Haiti Refugees.

Watch the original video on CTV News.

Want to Help Haiti Refugees?


During a refugee crisis, UNHCR Canada aims to provide emergency aid and disaster relief. With such a large abundance of Haiti Refugees entering Canada every day; funding and resources are needed to help meet basic day to day needs as well as plan and support long term efforts.