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Three under-reported refugee situations that you may not know about

With more than 70.8 million people forcibly displaced by dozens of crises, it can be difficult to know about all of them. Here, we’re highlighting refugee situations that are under-reported, demonstrating the cost of inaction and the importance of investing in solutions that will end human suffering.

South Sudan

Map of South Sudan

The Children’s Crisis

As this emergency enters its sixth year, the ongoing situation in South Sudan remained the largest refugee crisis of its kind on the African continent

  • More than two million refugees and asylum seekers are from South Sudan; devastating flooding has worsened the situation
  • Sixty-five per cent of the refugee population are children


A portrait of a woman in front of nature

©UNHCR/Sebastian Rich

“The fighting started in our village. I was one month pregnant, expecting our sixth child.”
Kiri, a South Sudanes refugee


map of Iraq

The Armed Crisis

The ongoing armed conflict in Iraq had resulted in millions fleeing the country. Iraq is considered one of the most dangerous places in the world.

  • More than three million Iraqis fled their homes and are seeking protection
  • There are currently 450,000 internally displaced persons throughout Iraq
A young girl being held

©UNHCR/Yonna Tukundane

“We received verbal threats against us. There was no safety for us.”
Abdikarim and daughter Rimas, Iraqi refugees


A map of Afghanistan

The 18-Year Crisis

Now entering its 18th year, humanitarian needs in Afghanistan show no signs of abating. Armed conflict remains an ongoing issue.

  • There are almost 2.7 million registered refugees from Afghanistan
  • The refugee population is the largest protracted refugee situation in Asia
A laughing man wearing a large fur hat

©UNHCR/Hereward Holland

“We walked in the mountains… I collapsed and my son had to carry me.”
Mohammed, an Afghan refugee


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