Band Members of Envy of None

Left to Right: Alex Lifeson, Alfio Annibalini, Andy Curran, Maiah Wynne. ©Richard Sibbald

Envy of None lead collective effort to raise funds for UNHCR’s Ukraine emergency response


Envy Of None is a coming together of musical forces. The Canadian-American rock band featuring Alex Lifeson, a founding member of Rush, Coney Hatch founder/bassist Andy Curran, accomplished producer and engineer Alfio Annibalini, and singer-songwriter Maiah Wynne, have recently released their self-titled debut album via Kscope. Its 11 tracks – which ricochet between shades of alternative, experimental and synth rock – throw surprises at every turn, twisting dark melodies against contemporary pop hooks.

The collaboration around dedicating a single on their album to raise funds for the emergency in Ukraine has been a natural expression of the band’s creative synergies.


“I have always believed that music can make a difference, and I thought we could use the song ‘Enemy’ to try to raise money. I feel truly lucky to be a part of a team that cares a lot”, says Wynne. “Everyone jumped on board immediately, and so many people along the way have chipped in. It means so much to be able to help and to use our music to do something good… Our hearts have been aching for those in Ukraine and we send our love to all those affected.”


Envy of None was compelled to choose UNHCR as the organization to donate towards after being contacted by friends in fellow rock band Big Wreck, when they launched a similar campaign. Looking to find a way to help, they connected with Big Wreck’s manager, who highly recommended UNHCR. Envy of None decided to follow in their footsteps.


“How does one become motivated into action? What is the breaking point of inaction? When does the daily outrage of horrific events become intolerable?” asked Lifeson.

“Thoughts and prayers don’t cut it. They never do. Direct action is what’s necessary. The presence of UNHCR and their tireless efforts supporting the displaced and traumatized victims of this senseless, barbaric war is a testament of such action. As long as this nightmare continues, we must remain resolute in our support”. 


The response has been overwhelmingly positive. The band has raised close to $100,000 in support of Ukraine — and the total continues to rise. With the help of their merchandise company Vision Merch, record label Kscope and friends at Precision Record Pressing, a 7-inch vinyl custom-made for the project was produced, with proceeds going to UNHCR’s Ukraine response.

The band says the most rewarding part of their fundraising campaign has been having their fans supporting the cause, pre-ordering the single and sending kind messages of encouragement.

To support Envy of None’s fundraiser for UNHCR’s Ukraine response, please visit: Envy Of None – VISION MERCH

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