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Photo: © UNHCR / Roger Arnold

UNHCR launches its 2015 World Refugee Day Campaign

UNHCR launches its 2015 World Refugee Day Campaign

Geneva, 02.06.2015 Global celebrities record films highlighting our common links with people forced to flee. Global The UN refugee agency UNHCR will launch its annual World Refugee Day Campaign on Tuesday with the release of several films featuring celebrity...

Some 200 people brought ashore in Myanmar

Edwards – to whom quoted text may be attributed – at the press briefing, on 22 May 2015, at the Palais des Nations in Geneva. UNHCR welcomes the landing today of more than 200 people who had been stranded at sea off the coast of Rakhine State, Myanmar. Following their...

UNHCR statement on Southeast Asia sea movements

UNHCR welcomes the commitment announced today by the Foreign Ministers of Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand to resolve the issue of the thousands of refugees and migrants stranded in boats in the Bay of Bengal and off the coast of Southeast Asia. This is an important...

Pictured at an Exhibition

Pictured at an Exhibition

A picture at an exhibition has helped to change the life of Judy El Khatib, a nine-year-old Syrian girl who had been unable to move her right arm since suffering bad burn injuries four years ago.

UNHCR’s aid airlift arrives safely in Yemen

The first of six UNHCR airplanes bringing urgently needed aid supplies landed safely in Yemen today boosting relief stocks in the war-ravaged country, on the third day of the temporary humanitarian pause. The plane carrying blankets, kitchen utensils and sleeping mats...

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