Nobody Left Outside

You can help shelter people forced to flee their homes.

Photo: ©UNHCR/Sebastian Rich

Though our ‘Nobody Left Outside’ campaign has ended, shelter remains an important need.

In 2016, UNHCR launched this campaign to help supporters create change and help families forced to flee by providing shelter. The goal was to raise CAD 32 million to help refugee families. Over the course of three and a half years, UNHCR supporters donated CAD 33.6 million to help shelter refugee men, women and children. Thank you.

hours or less is all it takes for UNHCR to provide emergency shelter for families at the outbreak of a crisis

types of transitional shelter are provided by UNHCR worldwide, each uniquely suited to the country and environment they are in

years the average time a refugee will spend in exile. Families deserve to live in safe and durable shelters for this period

An Iraqi displaced family stands outside their temporary shelter in Al Jamea’a camp. The family walked for 10 kilometres to flee violence by ISIS and found shelter, at first in an emergency tent.

“The tent was just too small, with dust everywhere. The Refugee Housing Unit is a blessing from god for us in the desert. We are so grateful to UNHCR for providing us shelter…there is space to move unrestricted and we started to buy things to make ourselves feel at home, like a set of drawers and a TV. It provides us with more privacy.”

Your donation can provide a refugee family with shelter and help us ensure that nobody is left outside.

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Please help refugee families in need.

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