Islamic Philanthropy Supporters and Partners

Learn more about UNHCR Canada’s Islamic Philanthropy program and our supporters and partners.

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Our Islamic Philanthropy Partners and Supporters

Faced with many complex challenges in recent years, UNHCR has redoubled its efforts to strengthen its partnerships with various organizations, both international and national, seeking to maximize complementarity and sustainability in its work for refugees and others of concern. Our partnerships related to Islamic philanthropy follows the same objective. The main goal of the organization’s vast network of partnerships is to ensure better outcomes for our persons of concern by combining and leveraging complementary resources and working together in a transparent, respectful and mutually beneficial way. In 2021, UNHCR been partnering globally with more than 40 foundations, NGOs and institutions involved in Islamic philanthropy.

“Islamic Philanthropy is an effective tool for community development. Sadaqa is an essential tenet of Islamic philanthropy that enables charities to aid vulnerable refugees and internally displaced people worldwide. At a time of change and uncertainty around the world, Islamic philanthropy can help facilitate collaboration among all sectors of society and provide the resources for implementing creative solutions to the world refugee crisis. A successful partnership of charities in Islamic tradition has the potential to reap the rewards for society on a global scale.”

– Noorain Noorani, Executive Director, The Zahra Foundation

“We believe that at the heart of Islamic philanthropy is the concept of dignifying people, including refugees, by helping them meet their basic needs, and alleviate the causes that diminish this dignity. It provides a measure of equity in society.  In our current condition, these needs far outsize any one organizations’ capacity to address them. This is where partnership and leverage of capacities come into play. Muslim charities had played an important role in supporting those in need. MAC is aiming to be a catalyst for people to join the circle of partners”

– Sharaf Sharafeldin, Executive Director, Muslim Association of Canada

“At Ansar Co-operative Housing, we believe charitable giving and helping vulnerable people around the globe plays an important role in improving the lives of refugees and internally displaced people. UNHCR’s Islamic Philanthropy program enabled us to raise awareness and help many refugee brothers and sisters around the world. We are very proud of our Members/Shareholders/supporters and our partnership with UNHCR, and we hope we can maximize the impact in improving the lives of needy people”

– Pervez Nasim, Chairman and CEO, Ansar Co-operative Housing

Although there have been many challenges in recent years, UNHCR has been successful in strengthening the support it receives from various organizations, both international and national, seeking to maximize complementarity and sustainability in its work for refugees and others of concern. The support related to Islamic philanthropy follows the same objective.

Canadian Council of Imams

Canadian Council of Imams (CCI) is a collective leadership of Imams (Ministers of Religion) in Canada. Established in 1990, the Council has been serving the Canadian Muslim communities throughout the nation in different capacities as well as acting as a unifying platform for Canadian Imams and chaplains.

Human Concern International Logo

Human Concern International (HCI) is a registered Canadian charity working to change our world by moving families from crisis to sustainability. Established in 1979, HCI works with communities worldwide, enacting holistic, sustainable solutions, to address homelessness, lack of access to clean water, poverty, unemployment, hunger, and more.

Muslim Association of Canada

The Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) is the largest Muslim grassroots Canadian charitable organization. MAC has a national reach in 13 cities across Canada, 20 community centers and 10 full-time schools. MAC serves over 150,000 Canadians through programs, holistic education, and personal development. MAC inspires Muslims to put their faith into action.


Ansar Co-operative Housing Corporation provides the opportunity to purchase a home without Riba (interest).  Since housing is one of the basic needs of individuals, Ansar Housing has provided solutions and alternatives on Co-ownership basis for Muslims in North America, who have been facing difficulties in regard to interest-free housing and Investments.

The Zahra Foundation

The mission of The Zahra Foundation is to provide humanitarian and spiritual support to those in need around the globe. Our vision is to live in a world where everyone has access to the basic necessities in life, living self-sufficiently with spiritual development and our aim is to assist people in line with the principles of our faith.

Sayeda Khadija

Sayeda Khadijah Centre is one of the largest centres in Canada serving thousands of Muslims in the GTA. It has a large beautiful masjid, classes for children and adults, a gym, a conference hall, a food bank, a library, a community hall and an industrial kitchen. It accommodates large numbers of congregants on Friday prayers, Eids and other activities. The centre is also the home of Faith of Life Network, an organization that promotes dialogue, interfaith work, education and service to humanity.

Hands For Charity

Hands for Charity is a proud Canadian charitable organization that strives to follow Canadian values by extending a helping hand to all people in need and working hard to ensure they have the minimum living requirements, including clean water, education, food, shelter, and healthcare.


The Halal Monitoring Authority (HMA) realizes the complications of the food industry and thus have devised a three-part inspection plan that covers the entire route; from the source the middle‑men and finally the retailers. HMA labelling & certification is there to assist in making the Halal choice. It provides free service for its foodservice operators in the midst of COVID-19.

Alameen Logo

Since August of 2002 Alameen Post has been serving as a primary source of News and Views on local and national issues that matter to the Muslim community of British Columbia. By raising awareness on issues, they are able to engage our community on various projects and relief efforts locally and internationally. So far they were able to raise funds for floods devastated Pakistan, Rohingya, Fiji, Sri Lanka, Palestine, Syria, Somalia and Afghanistan.  

Muslim Foodbank logo

Muslim Food Bank and Community Services Society (“MFBCS”) is a charitable organization that provides food assistance and advocates self-reliance by providing case management and other programs in Canada and internationally through it’s sister organization, ASPIRE for Hope Society (“AHS”). MFBCS recognizes the challenges that people face in supporting themselves and helps them overcome these challenges by focusing on six core areas: Food Insecurity, Water Scarcity, Education, Skills Development, Employment and Mental Health Support. Our vision is to live in a world where humanity is driven by compassion and love, when people help each other to become self-reliant so that they can in turn help others in their challenges.

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