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I have a friend/relative who is a refugee. Can you tell me more about resettlement options in Canada ?

Once a refugee has been registered with UNHCR in their country of asylum, local resettlement staff can determine who is in need of resettlement and can then submit their case to various resettlement countries. Ultimately, it is the resettlement country that decides whether or not a person will be admitted into the country. The decision on who will be referred for resettlement is made by the UNHCR office in the refugee’s country of asylum and not by UNHCR in Canada. You may wish to consult Citizenship and Immigration Canada for information on Canada’s immigration options, including family reunification or Private Sponsorship of Refugees programs.

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I am a refugee outside of Canada. Can I count on UNHCR’s assistance to be resettled to Canada ?

If you are inquiring about your refugee or resettlement case and you are currently outside of Canada, please contact your nearest UNHCR office. The decision of who will be referred for resettlement is made by the local office and not by UNHCR in the Canadian office.

UNHCR Canada is unable to provide you with any case-specific information.

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My family has just fled their country of origin. How can I help them ?

If they believe they are refugees, we urge all asylum-seekers to register with UNHCR or the comparable local authority. For information on where to register you can contact the closest UNHCR office.

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Can you tell me more about the UNHCR resettlement program ?

Resettlement is one of three long-term solutions—in addition to voluntary repatriation and local integration—to help refugees rebuild their lives. Resettlement is offered to vulnerable refugees who cannot return home or remain in their country of asylum. Only a small number of refugees are submitted for resettlement consideration and very few countries participate in the resettlement programs. Canada is one of UNHCR’s leading resettlement partners, welcoming thousands of refugees each year. More information is available on our international website.

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I came to Canada as a refugee. How can my family join me ?

For information on Canadian family reunification eligibility and requirements, please visit Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

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