Where Your Money Goes

We rely on contributions that government, corporations and individuals donate to UNHCR. Learn more about where your money goes. 

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Donations to UNHCR Canada directly support the lifesaving work being carried out by the UN Refugee Agency on the ground in the world’s most vulnerable countries.    

Canadians care deeply about the well-being and protection of refugees. In 2023, donations from the Government of Canada, corporations, foundations and individuals like you totalled CAD $73.03 million, and the Government of Canada was the 10th largest government donor to UNHCR globally.     

Thank you. Your support makes a world of difference. 

How your gift is spent 84% humanitarian aid 6% administration 10% program support

What happens to your money when you donate to UNHCR Canada?

We pride ourselves on ensuring resources are used responsibly and efficiently to benefit displaced people around the world. That’s why we can send 84% of every donation directly to uprooted families living in dire conditions, giving them hope for a brighter future.In addition, 10% goes to support the implementation of our programs around the world—with only 6% going towards management and administrative costs. 

The dedicated staff at UNHCR work year-round to raise funds for our programmes and address new emergencies as they occur. Learn more about how UNHCR Canada fundraises. We receive a limited subsidy from the United Nations General Assembly for administrative costs, enabling us to direct as much public and private funding as possible directly to the world’s most vulnerable people. 

Global Focus: UNHCR Operations Worldwide is our main reporting portal for donors and other key partners, providing regularly updated information about UNHCR’s programmes, operations, financial requirements and funding levels.  

Together we can make a difference in the lives of refugees.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, exceptional progress has been made to improve child protection and public health. Help us to continue this lifesaving work.

Which emergencies or programs does my donation support?

In a complex environment with fast shifting needs and priorities, we depend on donors to provide charitable contributions that can be allocated as flexibly as possible. This allow us to direct funds where they are most needed, helping refugees, asylum-seekers, and stateless and internally displaced people (IDPs) around the world.  

UNHCR Canada also provides vital support for refugees and asylum-seekers in Canada. This includes: 

  • Promoting the highest standards of protection in asylum practices and policies. 
  • Coordinating resettlement opportunities in Canada. 
  • Raising awareness about the situation of refugees and displaced persons worldwide. 

Learn more about our work. 


You can protect refugee families from the harsh weather and give them what they need to survive.


You can provide refugees nutrient-rich food and defend refugees from disease by delivering health services.


You can supply clean water, better sanitation and hygiene systems to keep refugees safe and healthy.


You can ensure thousands of children can go to school—giving them hope for a brighter future.

Global Priorities

At least 110 million people around the world have been forced to flee their homes. Among them are nearly 30.5 million refugees, around 40 per cent of whom are under the age of 18.

At a time when 1 in every 74 people on earth has been forced to flee, our work at UNHCR is more important than ever before.

To protect and support these individuals UNHCR provides emergency relief and ongoing humanitarian aid through long-term programs including education, health and skills training.


Monitoring Progress 

UNHCR is monitoring and reporting progress against key goals in each thematic area. We are currently working in over 130 countries across more than 500 locations. For a full operational report on each, visit the Global Focus website.

For more information, visit our Donor Care page. 

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