What is winter like in Canada?

If you are arriving in Canada in winter, make sure to wear appropriate clothing on the day of your arrival.

Winter in Canada usually lasts from November to MarchDuring the day, it can be as cold as –15˚C, and at night, it can be as cold as –35˚C. Weather conditions include wind, snow, ice, and blizzard that can cause poor visibility. 

There are risks associated with winter. In cold, windy, or rainy weather, warm clothes may not be enough to prevent frozen skin (frostbites) and other health risks that could lead to loss of fingers and toes, and in extreme cases, even death.  


To stay warm during winter, make sure to: 

  • Cover your head with a hat 
  • Cover your neck with a scarf 
  • Wear a winter jacket 
  • Wear warm layers like sweaters and pullovers 
  • Cover your hands with gloves or mittens 
  • Wear warm pants 
  • Keep your feet dry 
  • Keep your feet warm 

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