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Ikea FoundationStaff at IKEA Foundation, UNHCR’s largest international corporate sector partner, believe that every child deserves a safe place to call home. Since 2010, the Foundation has committed more than $166 million USD in both cash and in-kind donations to UNHCR programs. 

Their donations provideshelter, care and education to families and children within refugee camps and surrounding communities in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Through cash grants, in-kind assistance for emergency operations, and the Brighter Lives for Refugees cause-related marketing campaign, IKEA Foundation is helping hundreds of thousands of refugee children and their families rebuild their lives.

Bright Lives for Refugees

Beginning in 2013, UNHCR, in collaboration with IKEA Foundation and IKEA Group, launched the Brighter Lives for Refugees campaign in over 40 countries, including Canada. For every LED LEDARE light bulb sold in IKEA’s Canadian stores, the IKEA Foundation donates about $1.35 CAD to UNHCR. Proceeds fund sustainable lighting and energy for refugee camps in places such as Jordan and Sudan, and give children access to primary education.  

“At IKEA we believe children are the most important people in the world and we are committed to programs that have a significant impact on improving their living conditions around the world,” says Stefan Sjöstrand, President of IKEA Canada. “The Brighter Lives for Refugees campaign raises funds in order to provide many of those living in refugee camps with lighting and energy solutions.” 


Without light, the day in a refugee camp stops at sundown, making simple activities like doing homework, going to the communal toilet, or visiting a neighbour, impossible or dangerous. 

Because of Brighter Lives for Refugees, last year, over 11,000 Syrian refugees living in the Azraq refugee camp in Jordan received solar-powered lanterns and street lights. The result? Children could study after dark and camp streets became safer places.

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