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Integrating refugee issues into the classroom allows teachers to introduce concepts of diversity, respect, understanding and tolerance.

Our teaching tools and resources help illustrate the difficulties refugees face from the moment they flee their homes to the time they are settled and have adapted to a new country. They also bring awareness to the notion of difference and the importance of welcoming new people. Teaching children about the plight of others empowers them to become global citizens and contribute to a brighter future for all.

Classroom Resources

Do you know what it is like to be a refugee? Find out by playing our Children on the Run interactive experience.experience.


Play Against All Odds

Hold a Fundraiser

Getting your school or university involved is a way of making a huge impact for those forced to flee—not only will you be raising crucial funds, you’ll also be raising awareness of humanitarian and refugee issues to your students, peers and community.

Organise a film night, hold a panel discussion, host a dance and more—there are many ways that you can get your school involved! Download our fundraising toolkit and start your fundraising activity today.
Start a Fundraiser