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Photo: © UNHCR/Jared Kohler

Premium Uniforms, a leading Canadian supplier of workplace uniforms and service wear, has been a valued UNHCR partner since 2013. Its Premium Uniforms’ generous annual donation supports UNHCR assistance to Syrian refugees in Jordan. 

In 2015, in addition to its annual gift, Premium Uniforms made another contribution to support UNHCR’s Mediterranean initiative, providing emergency assistance for refugees crossing into Europe’s Mediterranean region. 

The management of Premium Uniforms, led by Mr. Akber Khimani and Mr. Hassan Khimani, believes, “As part of a Canadian company working both domestically and internationally, we believe that what happens on a global scale has a direct impact on all of us. As responsible and compassionate corporate citizens, Premium Uniforms is proud to support UNHCR’s humanitarian efforts with refugees.”


In Jordan, a neighbouring country to Syria, UNHCR continues to help over 661,000 Syrian refugees, both in refugee camps and in urban areas. Helping the most vulnerable people whose resources have run dry, UNHCR is grateful to its partners such as Premium Uniforms to provide families with this essential aid. 

At the same time, with hundreds of thousands of refugees and migrants risking their lives to cross the Mediterranean Sea in search of safety in Europe, Premium Uniforms’ support of UNHCR’s Mediterranean initiative provides protection and supplies, such as food, water blankets, to vulnerable displaced people.

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