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We go door-to-door in your neighbourhood!

UNHCR Canada is in your community sharing information about the work that we do to help refugees and people forced to flee their homes.

Our fundraisers are people who have a variety of interests and come from a variety of backgrounds, but who all have one thing in common: a passion for promoting worthy causes. Some come from refugee backgrounds, while others are simply passionate about supporting refugees in any way they can. Every day, our fundraisers are working across the country in shopping malls, on the streets, and on doorsteps doing the important job of raising funds to support UNHCR’s global relief efforts.

Why does UNHCR Canada fundraise in this way?

Because refugee stories are at their core human stories, we feel that the best way to tell these stories is on a person-to-person basis. The goal is to build connections between individuals across borders, and to give people tangible ways to help refugees, asylum-seekers, and stateless and internally displaced people around the world.

Our fundraising partners

UNHCR Canada engages fundraisers who are committed to UNHCR’s work overseas. We work with Global Faces on our fundraising campaigns.

Our canvassers can easily be identified by their ID badge, UNHCR vest and handheld device. Our canvassers hold Samsung tablets or iPhone 4 phones to securely process credit card transactions and capture bank information securely on the spot. These donations are processed securely over a virtual private network (VPN) ensuring the security of your personal information.


Our canvassers can easily be identified by their ID badge, UNHCR vest and handheld device (a Samsung tablet or iPhone 4).

Why does UNHCR Canada encourage monthly donations?

In order to respond quickly and effectively to the ever-changing requirements of crisis situations, UNHCR requires funding that is both flexible and sustainable. That’s why we ask people to become monthly donors. By donating monthly, you’re helping UNHCR respond to immediate crises like the situations in Syria and South Sudan by building shelters and providing emergency supplies, and you’re also supporting long-term initiatives such as refugee education programs and career-building initiatives.

Where we fundraise

UNHCR Canada currently has door-to-door fundraisers working in Ottawa, Montreal and Greater Quebec, Vancouver, Halifax and Toronto

For more information about fundraisers operating in your area, call UNHCR Canada at 416-926-7979.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding a fundraiser for UNHCR Canada, contact us or call us directly at 416-926-7979.