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UNHCR Canada is working with a team of bright, young professionals to help bring awareness and grow support for refugees worldwide. Our Young Leaders Committee brings structure to all of our ongoing initiatives. Each board member has a specific set of skills that will allow us to reach more supporters across the province. Our team has an impressive network and a dedication to get all of Quebec rallying for refugees.

Learn more about our Young Leaders below.

Meet the committee

Name: Christine Renaud

Role: Committee Chair

“Refugees are heroes and deserve global mobilization around their safety, well-being and growth.”

Christine is a self-starter who is ready to lead YLC Quebec and fundraise for refugees. She has distinguished herself as a sought-after speaker, sharing her experience in collaborative learning, and her vision of the future of education. As the CEO and co-founder of e180, Christine is dedicated to encourage collaborative learning. Christine brings leadership, event management experience and a passion for education to the YLC.

Name: Andriy Strogan

Role: Committee Member

“Our best chance for survival is to work together to make this planet a great home for everyone.”

Andriy believes in action, and sees the YLC as a platform to create positive change throughout our communities, and the world around us. He knows that people do not choose to become refugees, as it is something that is forced upon them by external forces. Andriy knows how important it is to help our neighbours to make the world a better place. As a management consultant, he hopes to bring his network and creative problem-solving skills to YLC fundraising initiatives.

Name: Rosalie Champagne

Role: Committee Member

“I want to help women and girls gain more confidence.”

Rosalie is a young entrepreneur who has made her mark in the world of advertising. As the co-founder of La Grosse Business, Rosalie brings leadership and marketing experience to the YLC. She is passionate about improving the conditions of refugee women, and hopes to launch initiatives that will improve the educational opportunities and safety conditions for refugee women. Rosalie wants to influence public opinion on refugees through educational initiatives, and share empowering stories about displaced women all over the world.

Name: Omar Shash

Role: Committee Member

“They need help the most.”

Omar is a successful finance professional dedicated to helping the world’s most vulnerable. He joined the Young Leaders Committee to help make a difference for refugees in the community. Knowing the dire need for support, Omar plans to use his skills and network to help refugees in Quebec and abroad.

Name: Marc-André Séguin

Role: Committee Member

“I want to make a difference.”

Marc-André is committed to helping refugees through advocacy and fundraising initiatives. As a professional Canadian and American-licensed Immigration lawyer, Marc-André knows the hardship refugees face when they enter Canada. He’s also the co-founder of Exeo Attorneys, an immigration law firm, and is the president of For the Refugees, a not-for-profit organization fighting for the rights of political refugees and asylum seekers in Montreal. Marc-André hopes to use his profession and passion to help UNHCR meet fundraising goals.é-séguin-66500122/

Name: Kyvy LeDuc

Role:  Committee Member

“There are beautiful stories that foster hope and move our hearts and minds. Stories that make us open our doors.”

Coming from a family of refugees, KyVy grew up hearing their stories of hardship and overcoming barriers. As a storyteller, he knows that the crisis can be alleviated by compassion and empathy. KyVy wants to change the narrative of refugee stories that create fears and make us build walls. KyVy brings journalistic skills and enthusiasm to various fundraising initiatives.

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Name: Doaa Mansour

Role: Committee Member

Bio coming soon

Name: Syrine Khoury

Role: Committee Member

Bio coming soon

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