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UNHCR Canada is working with a team of bright, young professionals to bring forward bold, innovative ideas and initiatives to help UNHCR Canada with our fundraising efforts for refugees.

Each member offers their unique expertise in diverse sectors, enabling us to widen our reach by sharing refugee stories with supporters across the province. The team has expressed their passion and drive to inspire fellow Ontario residents to rally in support of refugees.

Learn more about our Young Leaders below.

Meet the committee

Name: Rehan Ali

Role: Committee Member

I believe helping communities prosper is our duty.”

Rehan has never been sheltered from the plight of refugees. When he lived in Pakistan after 9/11, he witnessed waves of displaced Afghans search for safety in his home country. For some time, he tutored the Afghan students at his high school. Now, as a finance professional in Toronto, Rehan hopes to improve the living conditions of refugees around the world through economic mobility and providing relief beyond basic human necessities.

Name: Angad Bedi

Role: Committee Member

“I wanted to make a difference and I wanted to ensure that some of the most vulnerable people in the world had the help and support they needed.”

Angad brings experience from the International Criminal Court in the Hague where he learned about the devastating impact the gravest crimes known to man had on the less fortunate. Hearing the stories of people who worked in the field with refugees reignited a life-long passion for humanitarianism and justice. Now working with an award winning civil litigation boutique in Canada, Angad wishes to use his advocacy skills to make a difference for the world’s most vulnerable.


Name: Amy Bilodeau

Role: Committee Member

“I believe refugees are a vulnerable population that needs to be served and it is our responsibility as global citizens to do so.”

 With years in the non-profit sector, Amy brings insight and skills to the Canadian philanthropic landscape. She is the current director of Corporate Engagement at the Boys and Girls Club of Canada and has become keenly aware of the challenges for newcomers adjusting to life in Canada. A proud global citizen and advocate for children, Amy looks forward to taking a seat with other young professionals in the YLC.

Name: Meimei Fong

Role: Committee Member

“I want to be part of the driving force in raising awareness about the importance of human rights and making a difference in the world.”

Meimei knows the significant barriers refugees have to overcome when they arrive in Canada, which is why she plans to support them however she can. With an impressive background in project design and data analysis, Meimei brings the lens of feasible solutions to relevant problems.

Name: Mindy Loverin

Role: Committee Member

“Supporting refugees means to protect their most precious right of all: the right to live.”

Living in Toronto, and coming from New York City, Mindy has always celebrated the richness of diverse cultures. In doing so, she’s also become aware of global crises that many groups are affected by. In joining the committee, Mindy hopes to bring awareness to the global refugee crisis and engage with young professionals through volunteering and fundraising efforts.

Name: Natasha Milne

Role: Committee Member

“Never look down on anyone unless you are helping them up”

Natasha’s passion for philanthropy drives her commitment to improving the lives of the most vulnerable. She is an avid volunteer – both within Canada and abroad – and an active leader in any community to which she belongs. Currently General Counsel at a Canadian corporation, Natasha brings to the committee a background in law and a keen interest in international affairs.


Name: Mark Reid

Role: Committee Member

“The world is a better place when we take action to help those in need.”

Mark has witnessed the daily challenges refugees face when he volunteered in Lesvos, Greece. Working with multiple NGOs, Mark helped with intake, getting refugees dry and coordinating medical aid. Since he left the island, he’s been looking for a way to make a difference here in Canada. That’s why he joined the Young Leaders Committee and hopes to use his networks to raise money for refugees.



Name: Darius Sookram

Role: Committee Member

“It’s our duty to provide a way forward for others who may not have had the same opportunities as us.”

Darius is no stranger to the transformative power of community action. As a board member of the City of Markham’s Race Relations Committee, Darius is committed to establishing inclusion and diversity to community practices so that refugees are able to reap all of the opportunities to succeed in Canada. His passion to help people and leadership network will aid the committee in their fundraising goals.

Name: Mareike van Nieuwkoop

Role: Committee Member

“We are all human, and have a legal and moral obligation to uplift those living on the margins of society.”

Mareike brings on-the-ground experience working with refugees in Malawi and Rwanda. As a professional in international law, she spent a summer working with World University Services Canada in the Dzaleka Refugee Camp, aiding in the transition for refugee students resettling in Canada. After hearing their traumatic personal experiences, and witnessing the reality of the refugee experience, she’s dedicated herself to advocate for the forcibly displaced.



Join the Young Leaders Committee on Thursday, June 11th at 7pm EST, in a Virtual Bollyfit Dance Class to make a positive impact on the lives of refugees around the world. This event is about raising awareness and funds in honour of World Refugee Day. Once you have made a donation of at least $25 in support of UNHCR Canada, a link to the event will be sent to your inbox. Help us have a global impact with a night of fun and fitness. Please click here to make your donation and sign up for the event!