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Why should I give my Sadaqah to UNHCR?

Your Sadaqah is an action of solidarity with a community very much in need of our collective support. In this case, UNHCR will act as an intermediary or agent to deliver aid to the most vulnerable families in order to meet their most basic needs. 86% of your money will directly go to refugee pockets

  • UNHCR is the only international agency mandated to protect the world’s 21 million refugees.
  • UNHCR leads the international action to protect people forced to flee from conflict
  • UNHCR is present in 130 countries and can deploy assistance within 72 hours of a refugee emergency
  • UNHCR is the leading agency providing secure cash assistance through innovative means such as IRIS scan
Please help provide shelter and life-saving assistance to refugees worldwide.

Islamic philanthropy and UNHCR

UNHCR recognizes the long Islamic and Arab tradition of according the asylum-seeker dignity and respect. This tradition was established long before modern refugee and international law.

The Holy Qur’an instructs Muslims to give protection to those who need it.

“And (remember) when We made the house a place of return for mankind and a place of security.”


Which refugee situations can I give to?

UNHCR’s people of concern are refugees of all nationalities. Our Ramadan appeal allows you to donate to Syrian refugees in need of cash assistance, Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, Yemeni and Somali families suffering through famine and to give wherever the need is greatest for refugees throughout the world.

Give your Sadaqah today to help refugees.

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Our Story

Our Story

UNHCR is a lifeline for people displaced by violence, conflict and persecution. We help them survive, recover and build a better future.
Who We Help

Who We Help

We help people whose lives have been turned upside down by crisis. Whenever and wherever people are uprooted by conflict, UNHCR is there offering life-saving assistance and protection.
Latest News

Latest News

Our presence in 130 countries gives you access to breaking news and information from some of the most remote and hard-to-reach places on Earth.