Chad Emergency

Crisis in Chad: Thousands Displaced by Violence in Darfur

17 years after the Darfur Genocide began, the situation is Darfur is still particularly dire.

More than 11,000 people have been forced to flee their homes in El Geneina, Sudan into neighbouring Chad following fresh clashes in Darfur. The majority of these refugees were already Internally Displaced Peoples (IDPs) living in displacement camps, schools and mosques in the region. Chad is already currently hosting 128,000 Sudanese refugees in the border province of Ouaddaï. UNHCR expects another 30,000 Sudanese refugees to arrive in Chad the coming weeks as clashes are expected to continue. Sudanese refugee families are currently living in scattered open-aired shelters in villages along the Chadian-Sudanese border with little to no protection. UNHCR needs your support to help with the immediate humanitarian crises in Chad and help provide Sudanese refugees with shelter and protection.

Due to escalating conflict since January 2020, conditions in Darfur are now extremely dangerous and thousands of families are fleeing to Chad.

Help Refugees in Chad

have crossed into neighbouring Chad from Darfur in recent weeks

Sudanese refugees seeking protection in Chad

Internally Displaced Persons in Darfur

years of violence in Darfur since the start of the genocide in 2003.

How You Can Help

UNHCR is funded almost entirely by donations from individuals, corporations, and governments. When you support UNHCR’s projects such as the Chad Emergency, you are contributing directly to providing emergency relief to refugees in Chad and internally displaced persons in Darfur who need it most.

Your generous gift enables UNHCR to provide refugees fleeing violence in Darfur with the critical humanitarian resources they urgently require. We are on the ground providing immediate humanitarian aid to those arriving, departing or already currently living in Chad.

UNHCR assists tens of thousands of Sudanese refugees in Chad fleeing violence in Darfur

Your donation can help protect Refugees

Tens of thousands of refugees could use your help in finding a safe place to call home. With your support, we can reduce risks and strengthen protection.

Donate to Refugees in Chad

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