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An inspiring speaker series featuring prominent refugees in Canada

UNHCR is proud to launch an inspiring speaker series, “REF Talks Canada,” which will feature prominent refugees or those refugees who have made a prominent contribution to Canada. This new initiative is being developed in partnership with York University, Ryerson University and the City of Toronto.

REF Talks Canada follows the idea of a TED Talks-style speaker series which will feature a 20-minute inspiring speech by a prominent refugee sharing their journey from violence and persecution to safety and self-realization, contributing positively to the Canadian society. The testimony will be accompanied by an artistic performance.

Through REF Talks Canada, UNHCR wishes to raise awareness of the positive contributions made by refugees to host countries, to create mentorship opportunities and to create a network of established refugees/civil society and newly arrived refugees.

The first of its kind, REF Talks Canada aims to connect the Canadian public with personal stories of refugees and celebrate together their success, their contributions and accomplishments in their host country.

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To understand a man, you must walk in his shoes. To appreciate a refugee journey, you need to hear her story.

REF Talks Session 1: Coming soon

REF Talks Session 2: Coming Soon

REF Talks Canada is a UNHCR initiative in partnership with Ryerson University, York University and the City of Toronto.