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Thank You for Supporting Refugees

Thank You for Supporting Refugees

At a time when the number of refugees and displaced people around the world reached more than 50 million—the highest since WWII—you gave generously and thoughtfully to UNHCR. Thank you. It would be easy to become overwhelmed by that number, but we’re not and we know...

5 Things You Should Know About The #CARcrisis

5 Things You Should Know About The #CARcrisis

Violence in Central African Republic continues to flare and drive hundreds of thousands of terrified families from their homes. Here are 5 things to know. 1. How long has it been happening? A history of military coups and rebellion in the Central African Republic...

3 Million Reasons Why Your Heart Will Break In One Video

"I’ve been plunged into despair but I’ve been healed by looking around and seeing what we do for each other to bring each other back up from the depths.” Neil Gaiman “We watch the news about Syria and the situation is bleak. In May when I travelled to Jordan with the...

Statelessness in Lebanon: Leal’s Story

"To be stateless is like you don't exist, you simply don't exist. You live in a parallel world with no proof of your identity" - Leal Leal was born in Lebanon but is stateless. Her grandfather was Lebanese but did not register the birth of Leal's father. As Leal's...

Refugees and Human Rights Student Poetry Contest

There were two categories for entry submissions in each language: English: Category 1: Grades 7 – 9 The winners of this category were: 1st place - Claire Lauzon, Gr. 9, Canterbury High School, Ottawa, ON 2nd place - Krista Hum, Gr. 9, Canterbury High School, Ottawa,...

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