Resources for Youth

With 80 million displaced persons around the world, the refugee crisis can be hard to comprehend for youth. Check out these UNHCR resources for youth and young adults.

Photo: © UNHCR/John Wessels

These resources will help children learn about human rights, understand UNHCR’s mission and work, and show them how they can help refugees.

Interactive Experiences

Do you know what it is like to be a refugee? Find out by playing our Children on the Run interactive experience.

Become a Fundraiser

Fundraising for UNHCR is a fun and rewarding way to get your friends, family and community to make a difference in the lives of refugees and displaced people worldwide. Not only will you be raising crucial funds, you’ll also be raising awareness for one of the biggest humanitarian issues of our time.

Getting your class, school or university involved with UNHCR is a great way of making a huge impact both in your community, and in the lives of refugees. If you’re a teacher or parent, special events happen in schools all the time – here’s your chance to encourage your community to start advocating for refugees. If you’re a university student, add your voice to the millions of UNHCR supporters and gain support from your peers across campus. You could host annual refugee-themed galas or have coffee stands near study areas!

You can fundraise for UNHCR Canada by hosting a fundraiser at your school, having a bake sale, hosting a charity birthday party on ECHOage, and more!

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