Show your support for refugees using these resources from UNHCR.

Photo: ©UNHCR/Sebastian Rich

There are so many ways to help refugees.

Whether you are a teacher educating a classroom about the refugee crisis, or someone who wants to make a difference in your city, these resources from UNHCR Canada are here to help.

Resources from UNHCR for Teachers

Our teaching tools and resources help illustrate the difficulties refugees face from the moment they flee their homes to the time they are settled and have adapted to a new country. 

Resources from UNHCR for Youth

With 80 million displaced persons around the world, the refugee crisis can be hard to comprehend. These resources will help children understand UNHCR’s mission and work, and also show them how they can help refugees.

Resources in your City

There are so many great ways to show your support for refugees in your own city. Here, you’ll find resources on how you can help refugees in Canada’s major cities. 

Are you looking for help? If you are an asylum seeker looking for resources for you, please visit our Resources for Asylum Seekers page. You will find helpful resources to help you navigate the Canadian asylum system – from learning more about who can get refugee protection in Canada to finding out what happens when you claim asylum at the border.

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