Young Leaders Committee Quebec

UNHCR Canada is working with a team of bright, young professionals to help bring awareness and grow support for refugees worldwide.

Our Young Leaders Committee brings structure to all of our ongoing initiatives. Each board member has a specific set of skills that will allow us to reach more supporters across the province. Our team has an impressive network and a dedication to get all of Quebec rallying for refugees.

Learn more about our Young Leaders below.

Meet the committee

A photo of Andreanne

Name: Andréanne De Lasalle Couture

Role: Committee Member

“You only run for the border when you see the whole city running as well // You only leave home when home won’t let you stay // You have to understand that no one puts their children in a boat unless the water is safer than the land.”- Excerpts from Home by Warsan Shire

After taking part of a delegation program in Europe and witnessing the reality of refugees at their arrival, Andréanne became passionate for the refugee cause and joined the YLC. She hopes to use her creativity and advocacy skills-coupled with her interest in technological solutions-to implement innovative solutions that will support refugees and increase the safety of displaced people. Currently working as a human rights lawyer, Andréanne aims to raise Canadians’ awareness about the refugee crisis and stress that as a global issue it requires a global response. To help create a social climate that supports a sustainable integration for people seeking asylum, Andréanne will work with the YLC to make sure refugees feel supported, welcomed and safe.

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Name: Andriy Strogan

Role: Committee Member

“Our best chance for survival is to work together to make this planet a great home for everyone.”

Andriy believes in action, and sees the YLC as a platform to create positive change throughout our communities, and the world around us. He knows that people do not choose to become refugees, as it is something that is forced upon them by external forces. Andriy knows how important it is to help our neighbours to make the world a better place. As a management consultant, he hopes to bring his network and creative problem-solving skills to YLC fundraising initiatives.

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Name: Kyvy LeDuc

Role:  Committee Member

“There are beautiful stories that foster hope and move our hearts and minds. Stories that make us open our doors.”

Coming from a family of refugees, KyVy grew up hearing their stories of hardship and overcoming barriers. As a storyteller, he knows that the crisis can be alleviated by compassion and empathy. KyVy wants to change the narrative of refugee stories that create fears and make us build walls. KyVy brings journalistic skills and enthusiasm to various fundraising initiatives.

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Name: Samya Lemrini

Role: Committee Member

“When we talk about refugees, we are talking about people who have dreams, aspirations, a favorite color, projects, ideas. We are talking about young children, parents, friends. We are talking about people who love and who are loved. We are talking about people who have the right to live a full and productive life, in safety.”

Samya is a young lawyer seeking social justice and equity as a path to equal opportunity. As an immigrant herself, she is particularly sensitive to the reality of professional integration for people who have left their native land. Having worked on the issue of climate-induced migration as part of her participation in COP-25 as a researcher, she is well aware that the collateral effects of anthropogenic global warming such as the submergence of coastal and island states will exacerbate the migration crisis in the coming years.

Samya is eager to get involved in her community as much as possible – and for her, getting involved also means raising awareness among her peers. As a member of the not-for-profit organization For The Refugees, she is hoping to do her part in improving the lives of as many people as possible. She believes that the YLC is the perfect standard-bearer in this intersectional fight.

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Name: Marc-André Séguin

Role: Committee Member

“I want to make a difference.”

Marc-André is committed to helping refugees through advocacy and fundraising initiatives. As a professional Canadian and American-licensed Immigration lawyer, Marc-André knows the hardship refugees face when they enter Canada. He’s also the co-founder of Exeo Attorneys, an immigration law firm, and is the president of For the Refugees, a not-for-profit organization fighting for the rights of political refugees and asylum seekers in Montreal. Marc-André hopes to use his profession and passion to help UNHCR meet fundraising goals.

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Name: Omar Shash

Role: Committee Member

“They need help the most.”

Omar is a successful finance professional dedicated to helping the world’s most vulnerable. He joined the Young Leaders Committee to help make a difference for refugees in the community. Knowing the dire need for support, Omar plans to use his skills and network to help refugees in Quebec and abroad.

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Youssef Shouan

Name: Youssef Shoufan

Role: Committee Member

“Home is not where you are born; home is where all your attempts to escape cease.” – Naguib Mahfouz

Director, photographer, author, and initiator of multiple projects, Youssef Shoufan is active in the artistic, cultural, and social scenes in his hometown and around the world. Born in Damascus in 1987 and based in Montreal since 1994,  he uses his professional and personal communication skills as vectors of positive change for local and international projects, both social and artistic, for the short and long term. Since the beginning of the war in Syria, Youssef cofounded La Maison de la Syrie and imagined the Syrian Eyes of the World and Art for Syria projects. From Montreal, he dreams of drinking coffee the Syrian way in Old Damascus while eating pistachios from Aleppo, while reading Nizar Qabbani, and listening to Hello Psychaleppo.

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Name : Anne Hoang Yen Nguyen

Role: Committee Member

«I am the daughter of a refugee. A father who crossed the China Sea in a boat large for eight but occupied by 19. The very one who taught me that fear is only an illusion. He gave me a bird name to grow wings, and he nurtured me with his courage to make sure my roots grew strong.

Wings and roots.

I am the daughter of a refugee. A father who saw the sunrise in front of lonely abandoned trees, in front of houses collapsed by war. The one who taught me that strength is also the courage to forgive and start over. He taught me to study well so that my only battles are those of turning my words into sentences and my ideas into bricks and mortar.

My children are the descendants of a refugee, growing each day their wings and strengthening their roots.»

Anne dedicates her career to innovation and healthcare. She believes in building projects with empathy, authenticity, and logic to help healthcare system becoming stronger and more accessible- she is bringing the same spirit to the committee.

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