Leaders supporting UNHCR and refugees.

Photo: ©UNHCR/Darren Calabrese

UNHCR Canada is bringing together bright, dedicated leaders to help support efforts in responding to the growing and evolving needs of the most vulnerable refugees around the world. 

The Young Leaders Committees will focus on fundraising and help raise awareness around the refugee experience.

Young Leaders Committee Ontario

Our dedicated team of like-minded young professionals is volunteering their time and efforts towards fundraising for UNHCR Canada. They will be engaging with the private sector through a multitude of fundraising events and awareness campaigns aimed towards making a difference in the lives of refugees. 

Young Leaders Committee Quebec

We’ve gathered young leaders passionate about making a change for refugees at home and abroad. With a focus on the province of Quebec, they will be uniquely positioned to engage with the francophone private sector, and to help bring greater awareness to UNHCR Canada’s fundraising goals and objectives. 

Thank you to UNHCR Canada’s previous volunteers for their service to UNHCR and the displaced community from 2019 to 2021. Throughout their time at UNHCR, Mustafa Alio, Peng-Sang Cau, Theresa Ebden, Mohamad Sawwaf, Lina Ismail, Dr. Fariha Sultana Khan, Mark Reid and Noora Sharrab have dedicated immeasurable time and resources to help support UNHCR’s mission. Their dedication and support helped us raise over a quarter million dollars for our 2021 Ramadan campaign, as well as partner with incredible companies such as Audi. We are honoured to have had them as part of our team. Thank you.

UNHCR’s committees help us reach new networks in our community and bring innovation to fundraising. For more information contact:

  • Young Leaders Committee Ontario – Rachel Knope in Toronto, Canada,
  • Young Leaders Committee Québec – Paul Simard in Montreal, Canada,


Please note that this page is currently under construction.

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