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World Refugee Day - June 20


World Refugee Day 2013

1. The focus of World Refugee Day 2013 is on the impact of war on families. The core message is "1 family torn apart by war is too many."

2. The campaign call-to-action is to “Take 1 minute to support a family forced to flee.”
In 1 minute, a family can be torn apart by war, a child can be separated from his or her parents, and a lifetime of work can be destroyed. Yet in 1 minute, we can also act - reuniting a family, protecting a child, providing shelter. Please donate now and help UNHCR assist refugees. Your 1 simple action will help thousands of uprooted people today.

3. Photo Gallery:
UNHCR has launched a project sourcing photos and stories from forcibly displaced people from around the world, who show and describe the most important thing they brought with them when they fled from their homes. We encourage our partners and stakeholders to participate in the photo project. More information coming soon, please check back!

4. UNHCR Canada will distribute posters to agencies organizing World Refugee Day events. Please send your request along with a description indicating the type of event you are organizing to appear on www.unhcr.ca/wrd to:
mcfarlan@unhcr.org or nyembwe@unhcr.org

Download Official World Refugee Day Press Release (English PDF)

The deadline for receiving requests is 01 June 2013.

Journée mondiale du Réfugié 2013

1. La campagne de la Journée mondiale du réfugié 2013 met en avant le slogan « 1 seule famille déchirée par la guerre, c’est déjà trop ».

2. Le HCR lance un appel à l'action dont le thème est « Prenez 1 minute pour venir en aide à une famille déracinée ».
En une minute, une famille peut être déchirée par la guerre, un enfant peut être séparé de ses parents, une vie de travail peut être réduite à néant. Pourtant, en une minute, nous pouvons également agir - par le regroupement familial, la protection de l’enfance, la fourniture d’un abri. Faites un don maintenant pour permettre au HCR de venir en aide aux réfugiés. 1 simple geste peut aider des milliers de personnes déplacées dans le monde.

3. Galerie de photos :
Le HCR a lancé un projet dans le but de recueillir des photos dans lesquelles des réfugiés décrivent et montrent l'objet le plus important qu’ils ont apporté pour leur fuite en exil. Nous demandons au public et à nos partenaires de faire de même via les plateformes de réseaux sociaux en téléchargeant par exemple une photographie d’eux-mêmes avec l’objet qu’ils apporteraient s’ils étaient contraints de fuir en exil. Consultez notre site Web pour plus d'informations.

4. Le HCR Canada distribuera des affiches aux agences qui organisent des festivités à l’occasion de la Journée mondiale du réfugié 2013. Vos requêtes accompagnées d’une description de l’événement à être postée sur le site www.unhcr.ca/wrd doivent être envoyées à
mcfarlan@unhcr.org ou nyembwe@unhcr.org

Download official World Refugee Day press release (French PDF)

La date limite de réception des commandes est le 1er juin 2013.

For more information or to tell us about your World Refugee Day event please email mcfarlan@unhcr.org or nyembwe@unhcr.org

Download World Refugee Day Posters

Poster English:
In 1 minute a family can lose everything.
In 1 minute you can help them.
Download English Poster (PDF 971 KB)

Poster - French:
En 1 minute une famille peut tout pedre.
En 1 minute, vous pouvez l'aider.
Download French Poster (PDF 1071 KB)


    Events in Canada

  • Find out what your fellow Canadians are doing to celebrate World Refugee Day on June 20th and beyond. Find out more


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  • Why hold a refugee day?

    Why hold a Refugee Day?

    Establishing a World Refugee Day allows for the optimal use of resources and ideas by galvanizing public attention on refugees during one internationally recognized day. Each year the event will grow, building on the momentum and investment from previous years to ensure that World Refugee Day becomes an anticipated annual celebration.
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  • Suggested events and activities

    Suggested Events and Activities

    Various possible events and activities have been identified which highlight what can be done. Quite a few of the suggested events and activities have indeed been incorporated into past Refugee Days or have been part of refugee-oriented public awareness programmes.



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Often classified unfairly with economic migrants, refugees flee their country not for economic gain but to escape persecution, the threat of imprisonment and even threats to their lives. They need a safe haven where they can recover from mental and physical trauma and rebuild their hopes for a better future.


The intolerance that is often at the root of internal displacement and refugee flows is also present in some of the countries that refugees flee to. Instead of finding empathy and understanding, they are often met with mistrust or scorn.


On World Refugee Day, let's not forget that some day in the future any one of us could be knocking at a stranger's door hoping to find a safe and friendly shelter. We should extend refugees the same kind of welcome we would like to receive if we were in their position.


While most refugees want to go home, some cannot safely return. But wherever they are, refugees will always strive to pick up the pieces and start over. The courage and determination demonstrated during their darkest hours will serve them well in rebuilding a new life. On World Refugee Day, let us honour them for these qualities and recognise the richness and diversity they bring to our societies.








World Refugee Day 2013 Canadians came together to celebrate the successes and contributions of refugees throughout our country. Click the link below to see the events that were held.

Download WRD 2013 Events

Please help us provide emergency kits for as many families as possible, today!

Make a donation today – or create your own fundraising page. By sharing it with friends, you can help raise money to help protect families in urgent need.

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Magbola's Story

Magbola Alhadi and her children survived months of bombing raids but were forced to flee when soldiers came and opened fire on their village.

The most important thing she brought with her was this pot. It was small enough to carry on their 12-day journey, yet big enough to cook for her family.

Imagine if your family had just 1 minute to flee... what would you take?