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For many, this is not their first crisis.

Violent attacks have created new waves of displacement—creating an emergency call for even more resources in the area. Now, UNHCR is preparing for the worst in Iraq. Thousands of families in and around Mosul are fleeing the offensive taking place to recapture Iraq’s second city.  Terrified, homeless and in need of food and water, families are fleeing with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Many may even be forced into war torn Syria as refugees.

UNHCR is on the ground responding to new arrivals. UNHCR plans to have a total of 11 camps fully accessible the coming weeks, in addition to the two camps already completed in Debaga to account for the influx of people fleeing Mosul. Rapid response efforts are underway, including the distribution of critical-relief items like blankets, clean drinking water, hygiene kits, sleeping mats and other basic items for survival. Tents and other vital supplies are being pre-positioned to aid swift distribution.

Our Mosul response plan budget is $196 million. If all activities are funded, UNHCR can provide shelter support for over 700,000 people. However we have less than half the funds needed to respond to this emergency. Please help us to ensure these vulnerable families survive.

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UN High Commissioner for Refugees at Al-Khadra refugee camp, Iraq

million Iraqis displaced since 2014

thousand Iraqis have fled to neighbouring countries

displaced Iraqi were provided with shelter support

children received psychosocial support

Help us save lives as the Iraq refugee crisis deteriorates

Thousands of Iraqi families are forced to flee their homes every day. With your support, we can give them life-saving care.

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