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Integrating Refugee Issues into the Classroom

This page assists teachers to introduce refugee issues into the classroom and shows how they are linked to human rights. Various teaching tools available help to illustrate the difficulties refugees face from the moment they flee their homes to the time they are settled and have adapted to a new country. They sensitize children to the notions of difference, and the importance of welcoming the new people they meet. They also introduce the concept of fundamental needs and how they can be met.

Teacher's tools

UNHCR offers a wealth of educational resources to help teachers, parents and students learn more about refugees:

Get involved

  • As you share information about refugees with your students and colleagues you may find that they want to get involved. The best way to help UNHCR help refugees is to consider organizing a fundraising event in your school.
    Click here for fundraising ideas
    contact us for more information

  • Join in World Refugee Day

    Every year, World Refugee Day is held on June 20. Visit our World Refugee Day page to find out what kind of activities will be available, or how to organize your own activities for this special day.

  • Refuge-E Net

    Refuge-E Net is distributed regularly to Canadians who are concerned about the plight of refugees around the world. Subscribe to Refuge-E Net.


Against All Odds

Do you know what it is like to be a refugee? Find out by playing our online game "Against All Odds." The player will engage in a series of short challenges that illustrate the complexity and danger of the refugee experience.

Play Against All Odds


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