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Somalia Emergency

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Crisis in Somalia

Tens of thousands have fled their homes, walked for weeks in search of food. Many young children have died along the way. And all of the Somali refugees arriving in Kenya and Ethiopia are exhausted. Between 40 per cent and 50 per cent of the children are acutely malnourished. Please give whatever you can afford. You will save lives; give protection. And you will offer hope to people who are in an extremely desperate situation. UNHCR is already scaling up work on the ground.

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Crisis in Somalia

Galkayo, located in Somalia's Puntland region, is home to more than 60,000 displaced people who fled war-torn south-central Somalia and harsh drought conditions in many parts of the country. The displaced people are scattered around 21 makeshift settlements in Galkayo. Multiple families often share small, rudimentary shelters made of cardboard and plastic sheets. Despite overcrowding and extreme poverty, it is not uncommon for families to take in abandoned children and elderly people who are on their own. Squalid conditions and lack of proper health care mean that simple ailments can easily develop into complications. There is little employment in Galkayo and most displaced people find informal day labour, such as collecting garbage or washing clothes for the locals. UNHCR provides basic assistance to Galkayo's displaced people through vocational training and income generation programs meant to improve their livelihoods. The refugee agency also provides temporary shelter and emergency relief items for vulnerable families.








How is the UN Refugee Agency saving lives?

The agency is working around the clock:

  • Providing critically needed protection, shelter, clean water, education, and medical attention to refugees, especially children.
  • Maintaining 12 refugee camps in eastern Chad, which include family shelters, clinics, schools, and wells.
  • Developing 30 women centres to counsel and treat victims of sexual violence.
  • Providing special protection for children through youth centres.

UNHCR is the only agency with the world mandate to protect refugees and provide durable solutions for their plight.

How you can help

  • $7 provides ready-to-use therapeutic food for a malnourished refugee child .
  • $50 therapeutic feeding kits – each one helps feed five children.
  • $100 survival kits – each has a blanket, mattress, kitchen set, stove and soap.
  • $345 all-weather tent to shelter a refugee family.
  • $500 nutrition survey kit, includes weighing scales (x5), height measuring board, haemocue machine and accessories (microcuvettes, lancet, etc.), and mid upper arm circumference tape.