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Corporate Partners

Corporate social responsibility in action

Businesses increasingly recognize that upholding basic human rights, engaging with local communities and contributing to worthwhile global causes are not simply moral imperatives and pillars of their licence to operate. Good corporate citizenship instills pride and loyalty among employees; helps firms gain the respect and trust of customers; promotes the acquisition of new skills; and builds the foundations for more sustainable growth and profits.

UNHCR partners with companies that demonstrate leadership in corporate social responsibility and share our commitment to promoting human rights and achieving the Millenium Development Goals, including through the UN Global Compact.

As a trusted interlocutor of major companies, we aim to play a strategic role as a challenger, enabler and adviser. All partners share UNHCR's commitment toward developing balanced, long-term relationships built on a sound business case and a clear strategy. We place special value on multi-year, multi-level partnerships that achieve this by leveraging competencies, networks and resources.

The UNHCR Corporate Code of Conduct provides the framework of our engagement with corporations. A screening process is used for potential partners and the UNHCR Corporate Partnerships Board makes a decision.

Building on a long history of engagement with philanthropic institutions, UNHCR also develops multi-year partnerships with major foundations. Partnerships are also developed through participation in multi-stakeholder platforms and gatherings such as the World Economic Forum and the Clinton Global Initiative.

For information on our international partnerships visit:  http://www.unhcr.org/pages/49c3646c308.html

UNHCR Partnerships

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