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We take special care to bring you the personal stories of the men, women and children we help each day.

An Epic Journey to Save Diana

As the navy ship was pulling into the port in Sicily, I could see Diana. She stood out from more than 400 migrants and refugees onboard, rescued while crossing the dangerous Mediterranean waters. Diana, 10, was born in Syria with a severe form of cerebral palsy.Her... read more

The Canadian Connection

For almost 40 years, UNHCR has played a unique role in Canada. We don’t have tent cities full of refugees in Canada. It’s unlikely that you’ll ever see a UNHCR aid worker distributing food or blankets in Toronto or Ottawa. And never has a Canadian mayor ever... read more

A Refugee’s Ramadan in War Time

This is the third Ramadan in a foreign country for a Syrian refugee family living on the outskirts of Dohuk in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. In the kitchen of a small three room apartment, eggplant and potatoes are being fried for Maqlooba, a layered dish of... read more

Lending a Hand in Hungary

It is dusk by the time volunteers arrive at a busy square in central Budapest. With them, they carry hot food and fresh water – nothing short of a lifeline for the tired and hungry refugee families who are there to meet them. Little children are at first shy to accept... read more
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