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We take special care to bring you the personal stories of the men, women and children we help each day.

The Snow Storm

Aisha, a mother of four from Syria, wraps a blanket around her shoulders as the wind beats against the walls of the tent. Outside, snow is piling up and soon the family’s food will run out. “We are really scared of the storm,” she says, shivering as she hands some... read more

The Sound of Peace

Every morning, Ahmad gently wakes his six-year-old son, Abdu. Then he places hearing aids over the boy’s ears and asks him what he can hear. It is a ritual they cherish, a moment when they remember just how much their lives have changed. Ahmad and Abdu are Syrian... read more

What if Manhattan…

There are 1.5 million people in Manhattan. Would you notice if they disappeared? Take action today and start by sharing their story.... read more

Thank You for Supporting Refugees

At a time when the number of refugees and displaced people around the world reached more than 50 million—the highest since WWII—you gave generously and thoughtfully to UNHCR. Thank you. It would be easy to become overwhelmed by that number, but we’re not and we know... read more

Rough Crossing

As he stepped onto a boat on the Indonesia coast, Barat Ali Batoor knew he might not survive the voyage to Australia. But it was a risk he says he had to take. “It was not an easy decision for me,” says Batoor, 31, who proved luckier than many who brave the high seas... read more
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