Share your story with two photos of
objects that connect you to home

You could be featured on a commemorative UNHCR poster marking Canada’s 150th anniversary!


Upload two photos through the portal below.

• One of an object representing where you and your family came from
• One of an object representing your new home in Canada

Tell us how these objects connect you to home!

UNHCR Canada will feature 150 entries over 150 days on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
These entries will also be included in a commemorative UNHCR Canada poster celebrating the country’s 150th anniversary!


Submission Gallery

View #FromHomeToHome submissions from across Canada!

Mohammed from Syria

Nanzin from Uganda

Nobel from The Democratic Republic of Congo

Paula from El Salvador

Ahmad from Syria

Tony from the Bahamas

Tony from Mexico

Bishop Nguyen from Vietnam

Rose from Syria

Oscar from Cuba

Ella from Iraqi Kurdistan

Gerard from Democratic Republic of the Congo

Helen from Eritrea

Mohammad from Syria

Enoch from The Democratic Republic of Congo

Krishna from Bhutan

Rawnaq from Iraq

Yeshu from Bhutan

Natol from Ethiopia

Kaneza from Burundi

Erla from El Salvador

David from Honduras

Lourdes from Mexico

Carlos from Colombia

Vien from Vietnam

Daniella from Mexico

Marta from Colombia

Willy from Democratic Republic of the Congo

Maria from El Salvador

Lubna from Iraq

Pamela from Burundi

Marco and Marji from Venezuela

Khadir from Djibouti

Akilu from Ethiopia

Emmanuel from Rwanda

Edwin and family from Colombia

Paul from the Democratic Republic of Congo

Ahmad from Afghanistan

Gloria from Guatemala

Ashley from Haiti

Jhoan from Colombia

Beatrice from Burundi

Winnie from Ghana

Majid from Iraq

Andrés from Costa Rica

Azadeh from Iran

Claudia from Colombia

Kayonga from Uganda

Juana from Guatemala

Amadia from Nigeria

Clarita from Cuba

Jovana from Serbia

Safi from Democratic Republic of the Congo

Uday from Iraq

Oswaldo from El Salvador

Efrem from Eritrea

Justine from Burundi


To complete a submission to UNHCR’s #FromHomeToHome project, please ensure all fields are filled.

You may also email your photos and caption to Please be sure to include all the information requested above.

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