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Emergency Response Team

Child waiting to board a UN Refugee Agency truck to Toulom camp

Quickly and sensitively assessing each refugee’s needs is crucial. Here, a child is waiting to board a UN Refugee Agency truck to Toulom camp, near Iriba in Chad after his village was bombed. © UNHCR / H. Caux

Your money in action around the world

Your money in action around the world

Give our emergency team the support they deserve...
Join them!

Our Emergency Response Team is working round the clock every day, every week, every month of the year to save refugee lives. How can you help these dedicated individuals? By joining our team as a monthly supporter.

Meet the team
Our Emergency Response Teams are in the field responding to refugee crises right now. Always ready to go into action at a moment’s notice, our members are often the first relief workers on the scene – organizing the basic help people need so urgently when they’re forced to flee their homes.

And whether the team needs to hire trucks to transport water for thirsty children, or deliver tents for vulnerable families living in the open, they need to know they have the money to do so.

Read stories from ERT members in our “Why I Help Refugees” series of our Withyou newsletters.

Making a monthly donation will help give our team the resources they depend on all year round.

Working non-stop for refugees worldwide
The team works around the clock in the toughest conditions, organizing urgent relief wherever it’s needed. Last year alone, they helped deliver lifesaving essentials like food, water, shelter and healthcare in over 50 emergencies. And over the last five decades, as part of the UN Refugee Agency, they have helped around 50 million people.

More than 31 million people worldwide receive support from us today.

What you'll get from us

When you join the team by becoming a monthly supporter, we will send you:

  • email updates with the latest news and inside briefings on the lifesaving work of our emergency team members on active service in the field (if you provide your e-mail address)

  • at least 2 newsletters a year by mail with photos and first-hand reports giving you exclusive feedback on how you are helping  our urgent work with displaced people around the world.

  • your annual tax receipt in time for you to submit your tax return to CRA each year

Read our PLEDGE to you (PDF format, 441 KB) outlining our commitment to you as a UNHCR Emergency Team Member


Emergency Response Team

Why we need you to join our team...

Monthly help from you means our Emergency Response Team gets the kind of steady, reliable support they depend on all year round. Your monthly donations will enable them to prepare for future emergencies – and go straight into action when a crisis arises.

This is the best possible way you can offer your help. Making a monthly donation to our team is easy and makes such a big difference to our work – so much so that we consider monthly supporters as truly one of the team.

Look at what your donations could pay for over a year:

$15 a month could pay for lifesaving full medical check-ups for 54 refugee children in urgent need of healthcare.

$20 a month could provide 48 large blankets to keep people warm at night in harsh and difficult conditions.

$25 a month could sink a well to provide clean and drinkable water for refugees.

$30 a month could buy 18 refugee families a complete kitchen set, containing everything they need to prepare meals.

$40 a month could provide survival kits for 5 refugee families including blankets, cooking items, water carriers and plastic sheeting to protect them from the elements.

$50 a month could help us provide all-season tents to shelter 7 families of 5 from the elements.

Adut Dau Atem, a refugee from Sudan, survived with help from the UN Refugee Agency’s Emergency Response Team.

‘When I was eight years old, and cold and hungry, I was given food, water and I was sheltered. After I had these things I had to ask, where did all these things come from? I wanted to see who this person was. All I wanted to do was say thank you.’


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