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Welcome to UNHCR Canada's Donor Zone, an online resource for donors and supporters of The UN Refugee Agency. UNHCR is active in more than 125 countries and our work takes us to some of the most isolated and dangerous places on the planet. We remain on the ground, ready to respond to any humanitarian emergency within 72 hours in remote regions, and often within just hours in urban areas.

Donors make all the difference to UNHCR and the refugees we work to protect. 90% of your donation goes directly to support programs for refugees overseas, while the remaining 10% is used for administration; only 1%, and contained within our 10% admin costs, is used for fundraising worldwide.

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Questions and Answers

  • How is UNHCR different from CARE, Oxfam, or World Vision? Why doesn't UNHCR have a Charitable Registration Number? Can I donate clothes, or books, or our tent?
  • These are just some of the tough questions asked by our donors that are answered in this short publication.

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Raise Awareness

  • There are many ways that you can contribute and participate.
  • Please visit our events page for more ideas and information on how you can support UNHCR and help spread the word.



  • Moving? New email address? Need to update your credit card information? Questions regarding your donation? Contact us toll-free at 1-877-232-0909, email us at withyou@unhcr.ca or use our secure online form.
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Current Emergency Appeals

In 2012, we received over $1.8 million in contributions from Canadian donors, including individual citizens like yourself - it made a big difference.

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With You

With You is UNHCR's semi-annual newsletter that highlights our work with refugees and displaced people worldwide.

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