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About this website

This website is a key component in UNHCR's commitment to inform, to engage and to communicate with all of its many audiences. It is a work-in-progress, and we have plenty of ideas for the future. If you have a suggestion, if you find something that doesn't work, or even if you just want to say 'nice job', please let us know by sending an email to withyou@unhcr.ca. We can't promise to implement every suggestion we receive, but we do look forward to hearing from you. Other ways to contact us are listed below.

UNHCR can be contacted in Canada at:

280 Albert Street, Suite 401
Ottawa, Ontario CANADA K1P 5G8

For donor relations and fundraising:

Tel. /Tél.: 1-877-232-0909
Fax / Téléc.: (613) 230-1855
Email / Courriel: withyou@unhcr.ca


All other inquiries (including refugee issues and media relations):

Tel. /Tél.: 613-232-0909
Fax / Téléc.: (613) 230-1855
Email / Courriel: canot@unhcr.org

UNHCR in Canada

UNHCR Canada is a Branch Office of the UN Refugee Agency.

The office has five principal roles in Canada:

  • to monitor Canadian practice and policies to ensure that the rights of refugees and asylum seekers are protected;
  • to recognize and bolster the strong support received from the Government of Canada for UNHCR programs overseas, in both emergency and protracted refugee situations;
  • to work with the Canadian government and private sponsorship groups to respond to the needs of refugees around the world by helping to coordinate resettlement opportunities when appropriate;
  • to generate greater awareness of the plight of more than 19 million refugees and displaced people through active engagement with the Canadian public; and,
  • to encourage Canadians to make tax deductible financial contributions to support the work of the UN Refugee Agency in 116 countries worldwide.

There are many ways to make a financial contribution to the UN Refugee Agency. You can make a donation online or make a regular monthly gift to offer ongoing support of our work.

Making a lasting gift to help refugees is just as easy and even more meaningful. Consider the various ways for you to leave a legacy to support the UN Refugee Agency’s work for refugees.

Would YOU Like to increase awareness about Refugee issues?

Canadian donors are very important to UNHCR because YOU help spread the word about refugees. If you are interested in giving a presentation on refugees in your community (for instance your school, work, club, event, or congregation), we are happy to support you. Visit the DonorZone for more information.

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